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Escaping the Berlin Wall


This film demonstrates the impact of the Cold War abroad: One of the most dramatic locations in the Cold War was Berlin, the capital of Germany divided between the Soviet and American sides. This moving video shows people trying to escape the Berlin Wall, erected by the communists to keep their people in. The film shows a girl and woman separated from their families crying; people dangling out of a building along the wall and running to escape. Your students can imagine what it would be like to be separated from their families by a wall.


"Duck and Cover"

This film demonstrates the history of the Cold War at home: During parts of the Cold War timeline, the threat of atomic war was a very real one in daily life. This film, using a friendly animated turtle, taught students to "Duck and Cover" upon seeing the flash of an atomic bomb. The film shows children jumping under desks, crouching down in the school bus and even throwing themselves to the floor when caught by the flash in a hallway. Sirens roar as kids seek out public shelters. Today's students will find the film fascinating, a little funny in places and a bit scary. It will bring alive Cold War history. Extra credit for noticing the claim about how a newspaper could help in an atomic blast. Bottom line: an excellent resource in Cold War for kids lessons.
A funny period satire about the Cold War --suitable for mature tweens and above -- is now available. One, Two, Three is an underappreciated comedy set in Cold War Berlin, starring James Cagney and directed by Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot.) Netflix and FREE streaming for Amazon prime members; also available on DVD/DHS.
Kids can also help their eligible veteran parents and grandparents get the free Cold War Recognition Certificate from the U.S. Government. See the easy steps to get this honor here.